Company Policy

Bookings & Deposits:
• During your reservation, Stavento Sailing will ask you to deposit within 2 working days an advance equal to 50% of the total value of the booking.
• The deposit will be made ONLY into the corporate account of our company and in no case will you be asked to deposit any amount into any individual accounts
• The repayment of the full amount must be at least 30 days before the day of your check-in on board, if it comes to boat rental or an organized multi-day excursion.
• For boat and excursion bookings, at less than 30 days from the day of departure, the payment of the full amount is urgently required.

Yacht Rental Guarantee:
• Upon arrival at the site of the boat and before check-in, you musy pay a security deposit to Stavento Sailing, who are responsible for your check-in.
• When you return to the delivery port, and after the check-out without damage or breaches of lease conditions of the rental agreement, Stavento Sailing will return the full amount of your security deposit.
• In cases of damage that are the customer's fault or failure of the vessel renting conditions, Stavento Sailing will withhold a percentage or the full amount of the guarantee, as appropriate.
• The security deposit for boat rental is €1,800.
• For organized tours, you are not required to pay the security deposit

Cancellations - Changing of Dates:
• If there is a cancellation of a vessel lease or organized tour, the total amount will not be refunded.
• Changes to the date for yacht renting or tours are permitted for no less than 120 days from the original date and according to our availability.
• If date change is less that 120 days from the original date or in case of unavailability of the vessels, we cannot accept the change of date.
• In case of non-return of the vessel within the indicated date and time, the Stavento Sailing company will retain the total amount of your warranty as well as an additional amount which is for compensation for any financial loss suffered by other customers of the company.

• The Stavento Sailing company is obliged to provide all the legal papers for the departure of each vessel and shall draw up the vessel lease contract before each departure. They are also required to give you the exact vessel selected when booking. Otherwise, it will be obliged to refund the total amount paid in full as compensation.
Charges against the vessel delivery:
• When returning the vessel, ( not on organized tours ), you are obliged to pay to Stavento Sailing the amount of €120 for the cleaning of the vessel by a specialized cleaning company, and the appropriate amount for fuel consumption.

Hours - Check-in: 16:00 – 17:30
Hours - Check-out: 08:30 – 10:30