Sailing in Volos and Pelion

Sailing in Volos Greece

It is said by many people that the region of Magnesia in Thessaly, which includes the famous Sporades islands, is one of the most unique and beautiful in all of Greece. The scenery here is the ultimate combination of sea and mountain, sprinkled with a variety of charming towns and villages. The city of Volos, located and foot of Mount Pelion, is an extremely beautiful and vibrant city, and is ideal for visiting throughout the year.

Volos Greece The Pelion peninsula stretches along the eastern side of Magnesia, and according to legend, is the homeplace of the mythical centaurs. It is also known as the "playground of the Gods". When you visit Pelion for the first time, it won't be too difficult to see why the gods chose this place for their own holidays.

The penisula has the blue waters of the Aegean sea on the east, while the west has the calming waters of the Pagasitikos Gulf. It is an area of Greece that has some wonderful beaches where you can enjoy swimming and relaxing during the hot summer months. For those planning on visiting during the winter, you can enjoy ski and winter sports at the famous Agriolefkes ski centre.

Like the islands of the Sporades, Pelion is a place that is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities. There are lots of trekking paths that you can follow and enjoy the stunning scenery all around, as well as a choice of other sports such as diving, horse riding and many others.

The city of Volos also has a number of very interesting places to visit and lots for visitors to do and enjoy. Take a walk along the promenade of the city and stop at one of the cafes for a drink or light snack. Indulge in a little shopping at one of the many shops you will find along the high street, or pay a visit to the city's museum.

You can enjoy some lovely sailing holidays in Volos and Pelion with Stavento Sailing. We have a range of holiday packages available, as well as some daily tours such as the Eastern Pelion and Skiathos tour, where you can enjoy a wonderful day sailing along the coast of Pelion and stop at the nearby island of Skiathos.