Visiting trip to Meteora

Meteora! The imposing rocks with a height of 400m in some occasions, constitute without a doubt, a unique geological phenomenon.

With uninterrupted continuation from the 11th century until today, Meteora is, after Mount Athos, the biggest complex of monasteries in Greece. Impressive monasteries hanging from the top of the rocks creating a landscape of unparallel beauty.

This remarkable group of dark rocks rises over Kalampaka between Pindos and Antichasia mountain ranges. Besides their exceptional importance as monuments of cultural heritage, they have deservedly earned global reputation with their innumerable rock climbing routes.

A unique experience in a monument of nature, Meteora.

The visiting trip to Meteora can include one of the following choices of activities:

Meteora Greece

1) Tour of Meteora

Our hiking begins at the traditional village Kastraki and through a particular route in oak forests we reach the deserted Ipapanti monastery, at the monument of local revolutionary hero Papathimios Vlachavas and continue going up to the monasteries of Meghalo Meteoro and Varlaham. The program is enriched with a briefing for the unique geological phenomenon of Meteora, the historical and cultural significance of the monasteries as well as the important events that took place in the area during the Greek Revolution.

2) Rafting at Ionas River

In the imposing environment of Meteora, under the shadow of the rocks, where the river Ionas flows, one of the tributaries of Peneus. Come with us for your initiation in the rafting experience inside this unique environment of natural beauty. It is a particularly entertaining descent down the river! We travel a distance of about 8km next to the riverside plane forest viewing the magnificent rocks of Meteora rising above us This river route is ideal for all ages and rafting beginners with passings of 1st and 2nd degree of difficulty.

What is included

Experienced and certified guides
All the necessary equipment for all the activities
All transfers
Civil liability insurance
All legal taxes


For the tour:
Comfortable clothes and shoes
Second pair of shoes and additional clothes
Small backpack
Water flask

For rafting:
Second pair of shoes which will get wet
Swimming suit