Canoe at Peneus Delta / Bird Watching / Archery

Canoe Kayak & Archery at Peneus Delta! A relaxing and enjoyable river route in the rich waters of Peneus.

Fjords, little islands… 225 bird species in a river route untouched by time. Starting point for the Canoe Kayak & Archery at Peneus Delta activity is just outside Tempi. This beautiful route leads us to the estuary of Peneus river and out to Aegean sea. It is a tour of the unique wetland of Peneus.

During this tour we get to know the history and the mythology of the area and we get in touch with its rich flora and fauna. We have the opportunity to observe the rare bird fauna that finds shelter in the area. Herons, cormorants, silver pelicans and a multitude of other bird species that perch and nest in the forest by the river and the sand dunes of the delta.

We pass through the picturesque port of Palaiopirgos where the local fishing boats dock and we marvel at the dunes that form in the delta.

Canoe at Peneus Delta

After a stop at the port, we leave the “blue crabs” resting on the dunes and we row for three hundred meters at sea until we reach the vast sandy beach of Strintzos. Here we can try our strength in the sport of archery! Afterwards there is a delicious lunch with local products waiting for us, in an area by the beach, completely in harmony with the natural environment! This activity is ideal for families and other groups that love nature and the outdoors! It can be combined with a dip in a “natural font” of Kokkino Nero, mud baths or hiking for a dip in the Calypso canyon.

And the adventure continues...

Depending on the point of departure, we are given the choice, either to visit the Tempi valley and tour the historical Ampelakia, or enjoy a dip in the thermal baths of Kokkino Nero. The activity comes to a close with a circular route around Kissavos and the 46 km of coastline with a stop at a traditional village of the area.


4 hours

Degree of difficulty

Duration of river route 90 minutes
Choice for a longer river route up to 3 hours

Terms of participation

Average physical condition
Able to swim


All the necessary transfers for the implementation of the activity
Certified guides
All the necessary gear for the activity
Civil liability insurance
All the legal taxes


Comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes
Small backpack for personal items
Second pair of shoes which will get wet
Any personal medication
Swimming suit
Water flask